Pasta Santina was born in spring 2024 as I moved to Santa Barbara to be with my fiancée, rapidly falling in love with the territory and the Mediterranean lifestyle the central coast had to offer. I left my hometown in Sardinia at the age of 17 in 2006. This is the first time I have the chance to live close to the ocean, surrounded by nature, with great locally sourced ingredients and familiar neighborhood feelings. All together and at the same time.

The idea of Pasta Santina did not wait long to come to fruition. The central coast has several towns named after a saint, Ana, Maria, Barbara, Ynez to name a few. Santina binds them all into one name!

If we could capture the essence of Pasta Santina into one statement, it would definitely be:
"Pasta Santina, made for the moment. Yours!"

Our pasta recipe follows traditions and looks into the future at the same time. A perfect blend of semolina, spelt, and whole wheat flours, dried for about 24 hours, makes Pasta Santina some of the most flavorful pasta available. Designed to have significant fiber and protein ratios, this nutritious product promotes the Mediterranean diet and the blue zone lifestyle. We are proud to have sourced our organic flours within California and we are based in Santa Barbara, CA.
(Homebase yet to be defined!).

We are working tirelessly to bring this vision to life. Machineries are quite an investment and they take their sweet time to be delivered and set up. We are aiming to be operational by the end of summer or beginning of fall 2024 in your closest farmer's market and grocery stores for those who live far away!

See you soon!
Sergio and Pasta Santina



Sergio is originally from Sardinia, Italy. Living in over 8 countries since 2006, he considers himself a citizen of the world. During his career, Sergio has been part of an amazing and blessed journey. Working as a chef for incredible establishments such as The Ritz Carlton brand in Riyadh and in St. Louis, and under the Jose Andres Group at the Ritz Carlton, NoMad, NYC.

Starting at a young age in London, UK, Sergio brought Italian flavors into an English pub. In Germany, he worked for some of the best restaurants and hotels in the area. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Azzurro was voted the best Italian restaurant in Saudi Arabia in 2018. In 2021, Casa Don Alfonso in St. Louis was rewarded as the best New Italian restaurant by Forbes and mentioned by Time magazine.

At the Jose Andres group in NYC, he was part of the first luxury hotel opening for the company, bringing successful concepts such as high tea at the rooftop bar.

Sergio worked alongside impressive culinary mentors. Casa Don Alfonso in St. Louis was the first concept in the United States under the concept of "Don Alfonso 1890", two Michelin Stars, guided by the Iaccarino family in Italy. In 2022, under Chef Jose Andres Group, Sergio brought his hotel expertise to the team and the operations at The Ritz Carlton, NoMad.

Fun fact! In 2019, Sergio visited for the first time California, Santa Barbara, and the central coast. Who would have thought years later he would move and start living immersed in this peaceful bubble!?

"Life is full of surprises. Pasta Santina is my homage to this incredible place. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did making it!"

Grazie mille, Sergio Chierego